Unlock Your Potential Night-Day Audio


“Awaken Your Potential: Elevate Your Mind, Energize Your Cells”

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Unlock Your Potential – Neuroscientific Self-Hypnosis Audio.

Imagine waking up in the morning with every cell in your body filled with positive and purposeful energy. Now picture yourself stepping into the world, brimming with this newfound awareness.

This is the sensation you’ll experience after listening to this cellular meditation infused with positive frequencies tailored by Tiziana Palazzo and executed by Leonardo Polverelli, Guinness World Award recipient.

“Tutto nelle Tue Mani” (Everything in Your Hands) and “Notte e Sogno” (Night and Dream) are two transformative cellular meditations crafted by Tiziana Palazzo, a neuroscientific hypnologist, in collaboration with Leonardo Polverelli, an expert in beneficial frequencies, author, and musician. The fusion of the natural power of hypnosis and the effectiveness of beneficial frequencies comes together to create a deeply relaxing and restorative impact for your nights and a motivating boost to approach your day with renewed consciousness.

How to Use:
Listen to these two meditations for at least 30 days. Start your day by tuning in to them in the morning, just after waking up, and let the positive energy guide you through your daily activities. Wind down in the evening by embracing them before you drift into slumber. Find a comfortable position, whether sitting or lying down and take five deep breaths, focusing solely on each inhale and exhale. Let the transformative power of cellular meditation do the rest.

Imagine being able to fall asleep at night after releasing every source of tension and stress, and waking up fully replenished and ready to take on a new day.

This is the experience you’ll encounter during the enchanting journey of this cellular meditation, enhanced by the beneficial frequencies of Leonardo Polverelli.

“Tutto nelle Tue Mani” and “Notte e Sogno” are two remarkable cellular meditations carefully crafted by Tiziana Palazzo, a neuroscientific hypnologist, in collaboration with Leonardo Polverelli, a visionary researcher of beneficial frequencies and a gifted musician. The amalgamation of the innate power of natural hypnosis and the efficacy of beneficial frequencies creates a dual impact: deeply relaxing and rejuvenating for your rest, while also empowering and motivating you to embrace your day with an enhanced sense of awareness.

How to Begin:
Listen to these two meditations for at least 30 days. Kick-start your mornings with a session, setting the tone for the day ahead, and wind down in the evenings with the other meditation, allowing the soothing frequencies to prepare you for a peaceful slumber. Whether you choose to sit or lie down, ensure you’re comfortable. Take five deliberate breaths, allowing the rhythm of your breath to align with the transformative journey of cellular meditation.

Experience the fusion of science and serenity, as you embark on a profound journey to unlock your potential.


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