Inspired by Mother Teresa’s wisdom, “I am a pencil blunt in the hands of God,” together, we’ll co-create the inspiring chapters of your life’s remarkable story. Let’s cleanse past dysfunction for your prosperous journey. Among my designated projects, choose the one that resonates with your soul. Together, we’ll transform your story from adversity to Prosperity.


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These testimonials reflect the transformative power of Tiziana Palazzo Cht’s Holistic Rebalance approach, showcasing how individuals have risen from challenges, embraced their authenticity, and empowered their lives.


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Step into a world where beauty meets emotions and well-being. Explore the heartfelt reviews from our cherished Natkrea community, sharing their transformative journeys and the profound impact of our products on their lives. Discover the power of beauty that resonates from within.


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These testimonials are a testament to the life-changing impact of Tiziana Palazzo Cht’s Heartbiznet approach. They vividly illustrate how individuals have overcome challenges, embraced their true selves, and ignited personal empowerment. By discovering new clients, refining their sales abilities, and experiencing a surge in Prosperity, these individuals have learned the art of effective follow-up and masterful upselling.


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Our clients share their uplifting experiences with Ciao Home Service. Discover how we transform homes into sanctuaries, where neuroscience meets well-being. Your home reflects your inner state, and we’re here to ensure harmony and mental well-being in every corner. Join our journey to a serene space!

“Embrace your challenges as opportunities for growth, and let your resilience shine as a beacon of strength. In the face of adversity, we discover our true potential and the limitless power within us.”

– Tiziana Palazzo CHt.

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Discovering Your Potential: Tiziana Palazzo’s Inspirational Odyssey

Dive into the transformative voyage of Tiziana Palazzo. She believes in you, in the spark within. Let her journey ignite the fire within you.

In the realm of personal and professional transformation, Tiziana Palazzo stands as a beacon of resilience and empowerment. As a Certified Neuroscientific Hypnotherapist and esteemed member of the International Hypnosis Association (I.H.A.) and American Hypnosis Association (A.H.A.), Tiziana’s journey is one of triumph over adversity and a testament to the indomitable human spirit.

Tiziana’s accolades are numerous, including being honored as a Women of the Decade in March 2019 by the Women Economic Forum (W.E.F.) in Amsterdam, Netherlands. She’s not just an accomplished Italian TV show host, CEO, and Founder of Top Project Life & Business Consulting; she’s also a Master Practitioner in NLP, a Master Trainer, and an accomplished editor and author.

Her book, “Over Everything… Fly!,” is a best-seller, and she’s authored a series of micro-manuals on personal development, providing daily guidance for personal growth. Titles like “How to End a Relationship,” “From the Ego to the Mission,” and “The Secrets to Enhance 10 Critical Areas in the Affairs of Love” have touched countless lives.

Tiziana is more than a successful serial entrepreneur; she’s a Visionary who founded HeartBizNet, the first relational network of like-hearted and like-values entrepreneurs and professionals. Here, individuals come together to lift each other to Prosperity through the exchange of goods, competencies, and services during the Business Matches.

But Tiziana’s journey goes deeper. Tiziana, founder of Natkrea, redefines cosmetics. Her unique line, charged with empowering frequencies, isn’t just skincare—it’s a gateway to harnessing emotions throughout the day. Natkrea’s natural sensory links enhance moods, offering more than cosmetics; it’s your daily empowerment ritual for vibrant emotions.

Tiziana’s commitment to holistic well-being gave birth to The Holistic Rebalance, a sustainable solution that helps individuals recover mentally and physically from stagnant situations, loss of purpose, and self-confidence.

Through The Holistic Rebalance, she’s crafted HYPNOWATER®, a revolutionary water technique for long-lasting life change, working at seven levels: Mind, Subconscious mind, body, spirit, personal frequencies, cellular memories, and verbal communication.

Tiziana’s transformative journey isn’t just professional; it’s deeply personal. Her experiences are a testament to her resilience.

Surviving two attempts at abortion by her mother, enduring neglect in childhood, psychological and physical abuse, and a traumatic rape at 17, Tiziana could have been defined by her past.

But she broke the chains of co-dependent relationships, overcame narcissistic partners, and faced divorce twice. She defied the odds to create lasting relationships, find love, and raise two wonderful sons.

Despite facing unimaginable adversity, Tiziana’s indomitable spirit prevailed. Her second husband’s betrayal left her shattered, stripped of finances, work, and friends, leaving her alone with their one-year-old child. A botched lumbar injection rendered her temporarily paralyzed post-surgery. For three arduous months, she couldn’t walk. Yet, determined and resilient, Tiziana embarked on a courageous path to heal and rediscover herself.

Facing limited public healthcare sessions and financial constraints due to her husband’s betrayal, Tiziana embarked on a journey of self-recovery. With the support of a generous physiotherapist, she harnessed the knowledge to train her body and overcome the challenges life threw at her.

Through self-hypnosis, empowering self-talk, and daily cognitive training, she defied the odds and regained her ability to walk. Her story is a testament to the power of unwavering determination and the strength that lies within.

Her life took an unexpected turn when her elder son faced a devastating motorcycle accident, resulting in brain injury and disability. Tiziana’s resilience, trust, and healing abilities, rooted in her unique techniques and neuroscientific approach to trauma, became the guiding light.

Tiziana nowadays confronts a new challenge: hypothyroidism. She’s determined to regain balance through dietary choices, medication, and independent research, delving into the psychosomatic root causes of such illnesses.

Tiziana Palazzo’s journey embodies the power of transformation, healing, and unbreakable spirit. Her story is a testament to the human capacity to rise above challenges, unlock hidden potentials, and create a life filled with purpose, love, and resilience. She is living proof that no past can define our future, and that every individual has the power to rewrite their own story.

Tiziana isn’t a Guru or a Savior. She’s not here to heal you, but she’s your Facilitator. With resilience in her heart, she shows you how to rise from adversity. It’s your responsibility to reclaim your life, leave victimhood behind, and step into the Prosperous life you were designed for. She won’t do your own work, yet she’ll show you how to rise, smiling through tears, challenges, and life. Your birthright awaits.


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