Oltre Tutto Vola


“Unlock Your Wings to Soar Beyond Limits: Embrace Transformation with ‘Oltre Tutto Vola!'”

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**Discover a Life-Changing Book: “Oltre Tutto… Vola!”**

**What if a single book could transform your life forever?**
Uncover the deep-rooted causes of inner pain that have shaped your life until now. Harness the boundless power of your true Self by gaining clarity. Break free from repeating past mistakes and step into the life of your dreams. Could this be that book?

**I Challenge You to Find Out!**

Your new life begins the moment you dive into the pages of this book. How do I know this? I learned this Truth by walking that path. In a moment of despair, I cried out, “There must be a way, a way to be happy! Show me, and I’ll spend the rest of my life learning, practicing, and sharing it!” Instantly, my cry received an answer.

**”Oltre Tutto… Vola!”** is a practical guide enriched with autobiographical anecdotes. Through personal life examples, it scientifically and spiritually leads you step by step. First, it clears your inner self, and then it guides you through effective techniques and strategies, ultimately revealing how to manifest the life of your dreams. The book blends narrative elements and brief biographical insights within its practical context. It encompasses techniques of self-hypnosis as well as a journey of cognitive self-awareness.

**Chapter Breakdown:**
1. **Unveil the Original 7 Mental Wounds:** This chapter addresses the 7 original mental wounds, which later give rise to dysfunctional adult behaviors.
2. **Reorganize Your Core Needs Chaos:** Following the 7 wounds, even the pyramid of Abraham Harold Maslow (known for Maslow’s hierarchy of needs) can become distorted in order and lacking components, leading to poor choices and life quality.
3. **Recognize Your Mirror:** The concept of the Mirror is explored, where external reality reflects our various qualities, characteristics, and aspects tied to our deepest essence.
4. **Empower Yourself:** This chapter delves into humanity’s survival-based tendency for belonging, recognition of authority, and obedience. It emphasizes training the recognition of authority within oneself rather than projecting it onto stereotyped authority figures.
5. **Financial Resistance and Emotional Dependency:** Limiting beliefs about money and the broader value of wealth are discussed, alongside exploring emotional dependencies that foster dysfunctional and unhappy relationships that perpetuate unhappiness even in the next generation.
6. **Transform Dreams into Reality:** This final chapter unveils a range of strategies to turn the intangible into a concrete blueprint for a new life, grounded in healing your heart.

My personal life journey: I was born after surviving two attempts of abortion, adoption, abandonment, childhood physical and psychological abuse, father’s rejection at 14, prolonged isolation, rape at 17, two divorces, and a past of emotional dependence and abuse, forms a significant part of this book and serves solely as a testament to triumph. The moral is: If I can overcome, so can You!

1 review for Oltre Tutto Vola

  1. Tiziana Palazzo

    1. **Review by Roberta B.**

    “Absolutely Life-Altering! ‘Oltre Tutto Vola!’ is a masterpiece that resonated with me on every level. Tiziana Palazzo’s journey and wisdom shared in this book are a beacon of hope. It’s a roadmap to heal, transform, and thrive. A must-read for anyone seeking profound personal growth.”

    2. **Review by Michele R.**

    “Empowering and Empathetic! Tiziana Palazzo’s ‘Oltre Tutto Vola!’ touched my soul. Her courage in sharing her own struggles while guiding readers through a transformative process is truly remarkable. This book provides practical tools to break free from limitations and embrace a life of authenticity and abundance.”

    3. **Review by Emilia M.**

    “A Guiding Light of Resilience! ‘Oltre Tutto Vola!’ is more than a book; it’s an invitation to rewrite your story. Tiziana Palazzo’s writing is deeply insightful and relatable. Her personal journey and the strategies she shares allowed me to confront my own challenges with newfound strength and determination.”

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