21 days for 21 H.B. cellular meditations during which you will be able to overcome all your worries, resolve inner conflicts, and see the world and life in a new light to realize your dreams and prosper.

With this series of cellular meditations, you can provide your unconscious with the tools to clear your mind and overcome limitations through the H.B. cellular meditation, developing the ability to manage inconsistencies and improve the result of your efforts for psychophysical well-being.

Furthermore, in the box, you will find a manual of cellular meditations which contains the 21 audio tracks in written format so that you can enhance the work done with audio every day.

The 21 inductions are written in the first person so you can connect with your higher self as you read. In fact, every day you will have the opportunity to listen to the audio of the H.B. cellular meditation of that day and then, in the evening, read the same written trace in order to reinforce the suggestions and complete the work of that day.


  • Access at 21 H.B. Mobile meditations
  • link to download the manual


  1. Give yourself permission to reconnect and switch
  2. Open your mind
  3. Make Your unique power be magically possible
  4. Go beyond your limits
  5. Overcome fear
  6. Master Your Past
  7. Erase negative emotions
  8. Fill in the blank
  9. Rise up
  10. Choose your future
  11. Attract quality relationships
  12. Forgive yourself and Forgive
  13. Guard your Healing
  14. Embrace the shadow
  15. Be The Unstoppable You
  16. Unleash Your Powerful Inner-Self
  17. Open yourself to infinite possibilities
  18. Flow in synchronicity
  19. Boost Your Energy
  20. Tap in Gratitude
  21. Switch and Prosper


It is recommended not to use this product while driving or operating dangerous machinery. This product is not a substitute for medical or psychotherapeutic treatments where these are necessary. If you are aware of a medical or psychological disorder, please consult your doctor or our Milan office to be connected to a network of qualified professionals. This product is for use by persons over the age of 18 only. Minors can use it only under the supervision and responsibility of an adult.

HeartBizEdition assumes no responsibility for any inconvenience or damage directly or indirectly caused by improper use of this product.

The manual is downloaded via a link.

21 real tips on how to use H.B. Cellular Meditations in a positive and proactive way to make changes on an inner level and not just in one’s life.

Tiziana Palazzo accompanies you step by step along twenty-one profitable days effectively disseminating positive suggestions in your unconscious mind with her calm, maternal and reassuring voice. The one-hundred-page manual included allows you to self-suggest by repeating the process individually. Suggestions are effective in facilitating the personality integration process easily in an imperceptibly cumulative way. Your inner voice then replaces that of the guide to bring clarity, balance, harmony, and psychophysical well-being. The awareness of constructive change is progressively and tangibly evident making you open to the countless possibilities of your original life path. Perceive time circularly, reactivate your resources, choose your future, make your energy present, clearer, more intense, and luminous, totally forgive yourself and others, and expand your new horizons without limits towards Prosperity.